Homeezy - home renovation reimagined
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Sleek, User-Friendly Design
Complex Marketplace Solution
3 month
3 months from start to finish
Built with Bubble.io
Introducing "Homeezy," innovative platform for home renovations. My mission with Homeezy was to create a user-friendly interface that connects contractors with homeowners. Throughout the three-month project, I prioritized a simple and intuitive design, making it easy to find the right contractor or homeowner. My goal was to provide a seamless experience for both sides of the marketplace.
Developing Homeezy was a challenging task. I built a two-sided marketplace with an admin panel. my agile development process allowed me to refine the platform over three months, integrating essential features.
For Homeezy, I chose Bubble.io as my primary development tool. This decision was pivotal in allowing me to construct a robust and scalable platform without the traditional complexities of coding. Bubble.io's powerful capabilities enabled me to build a comprehensive marketplace with a rich feature set, all while maintaining a streamlined development process. This technology choice was instrumental in enabling me to focus on crafting a top-tier user experience and delivering a product that stands out in the digital renovation space.
Homeezy is a milestone in home renovations. It connects contractors and homeowners, making renovations easier and more efficient.
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