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What is NoCode and why people call it the future of Web apps?

What is no-code?
In simple words - the ability to create your app with less headaches. It’s a great option when you are looking for a fast solution for the start-up or your idea requires fast implementation.
no need to write a code;
no necessity of having great programming skills;
quick introducing of your app into the market;
rapid delivery.

app functionality and design are worse adjusted to modification;
subordination to someone else’s server.

Nowadays no-code is a great replacement of traditional web or software development.
We are living in great times when even a non-programmer can bring their ideas to life.
Have you always carried an idea to build your own website brick by brick, but the fear of fail didn't let you to? is the option!
Tutorials, manuals, instructions will lead you through this no-code way.

Will you be able to deliver all the functionality of Javascript, CSS and HTML5? – Definitely!

No-coding doesn’t mean there’s no code. It’s just you don’t have to deal with it.
No-code principle is based on already built drag-and-drop elements in such a way that it hides all the difficulty with easy operations, for example, dragging and dropping.
In simple words, is a development platform which helps you instantly see the result of drag-and drop process on mobile, desktop and tablet versions. Deal with your data easily by using visual models.

What’s the principle of working?
After logging in and choosing a convenient plan you will be provided with a set of tools. These include:
visual drag and drop boxes;
color spectrum to brand your app;
ready templates for different cases;
and many others. replaced a bunch of coding lines with a customizable interface - this will allow you to build your application, relate it to databases or other web services and incorporate other tools.

Though the drag and drop process seems really simple, don’t think it can be used only for simple applications. The reason for its simplicity is elaborate functionality of no code platform.

No-code main characteristics are:
Drag and drop interface. Whether you are an experienced programmer or just a beginner, this tool will save your time and boost the developing process.
Access to cross-platform. Apps built with could be run on any device and core platform, no specific technical equipment required.
Tools for visual modeling. Our brain loves pictures, that’s why it processes visual data better than any other. Choose the best built-in components that will meet your app requirements.
Flexibility. Applications developed with a no-code platform easily adjust to business growth, customer number boost and other changes.
Reusability. Repurpose already set modules or functionality to develop other apps. Built different solutions with the same modules, plug-ins or even existing applications.
Let’s compare pros and cons of no-code platforms:
Very simple and doesn’t require professional training.
In comparison with professionals’ service, no-code platforms don't support as many comprehensive capabilities.
Fast solution, so boost your productivity. Complete the tasks in hours or days instead of spending weeks.
you are not the owner of the source code.
Adaptive to always changeable demands of the market, because you can always add or eliminate any modules.
not all no-code programs allow to integrate data from other applications;
Lower price. No need to hire developers and pay for their services.
need to clarify and establish strict requirements to check if these fit the restrictions of a certain tool.

The most popular no-code tools at the current market:
Bubble. Point-and-click tool for non-programmers, build your app without coding.
Thunkable. Native Android application is its basis, allowing to create mobile apps based on drag and drop technology. Connect your preferable components with blocks.
Adalo. Gives a possibility to use already made design elements, or build your own. It could be a problem to release your app in Apple or Android stores, but with a subscription plan it’s quite simple.
Glide. Perfect for data converting from spreadsheets, like Excel or Google Sheet, to mobile apps.
Softr. Websites, applications or client portals built from zero or ready template.
Webflow. Visual tool for making and launching websites.

No-code will enable you to develop such web and mobile applications as:
Messaging apps (with individual and group chats), like Discord or Reddit.
Social Networks. Apps like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube.
Personalized marketplaces, like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Uber.
Listing Directories, like, Redfin, Crexi.
Systems for customer relationship management (CRM), like EngageBay, ActiveCampaign.
Social Networks. Apps like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube.
File management. Apps like Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive.

Will the no-code be popular in the future? - No code IS the future. This is a tool that will meet the demands of business and individual clients for elaborate IT services.